Forex Brokers in New Zealand and the Need for Advanced Trading Tools

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Forex Brokers in New Zealand

Serious Forex traders typically have higher demands from the services that their Forex brokers provide. The trading platform is an essential part of the overall trading experience; most brokers give clients access to the Forex markets through the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. This platform is the most common trading platform in use today by traders all over the world. The MT4 platform is extremely powerful while offering traders simplicity, speed, and a full range of features.
MT4 offers excellent customization for both brokers and traders. Brokers can customize the MT4 platform to offer enhanced features while investors can customize the platform to execute unique trading strategies. The platform is also known for its extensive charting and market data analysis capabilities that convert real-time market data into formats that are easier to understand and act upon.
In order to keep up with the increased demands of the most serious Forex traders, the top Forex brokers in New Zealand are constantly developing and modifying trading tools that offer the latest in market strategies and technological advances to greatly enhance the Forex trading experience. Here is a look at some of the more useful trading tools available through the leading Forex brokers today.

Multi-Monitor Support

Multi-monitor support is a tool which was designed to capitalize on the extensive charting and data analysis capabilities of the MT4 platform. More investors are using multiple monitors to gain access to more data and have it available at a glance. Multi-monitor support allows investors to move the information from the MT4 platform across multiple screens and better manage trading activity.

Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors (EA) are also commonly known as Forex robots because they are used to automate trading activity. Expert Advisors are powerful trading tools that allow traders to automatically execute Forex trades based on a specific criteria being met. There are a large number of EAs available with customizable inputs that allow traders to find one to fit almost any trading style.

MT4 Scripts

Some of the leading Forex brokers have dedicated their resources to improving the convenience of trading on the MT4 platform by developing custom scripts. Scripts are basically shortcuts that can be used to perform different types of tasks more efficiently. In the fast-paced and volatile Forex market, saving time and doing things more efficiently will often enable traders to better capitalize on favourable market conditions or minimize losses.
Some examples for useful scripts include:
  • Close all trades
  • Adjust Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Delete all pending trades

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Serious Forex traders can take advantage of cutting edge technology to subscribe to a dedicated remote hosted server for all of their trading needs. A VPS is an excellent choice when the trading strategies employed require constant, reliable access to the Forex market. All types of algorithmic trading, including EAs, can benefit from the use of a VPS. A VPS typically offers subscribers access to a technologically advanced, reliable, and secure environment to handle all trading.
The leading Forex brokers in New Zealand offer many of these convenient and powerful Forex trading tools. These tools allow serious Forex traders to gain a competitive advantage in the volatile currency exchange market and serve to provide an overall improved Forex trading experience.  

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